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Orsa Predator Park is closed

Orsa Predator Park, closed to visitors from 7 November 2022

Orsa Predator Park has now closed to visitors. Work to relocate the park's animals will continue in the coming years and staff will be on site to care for the animals until they go to new homes in other zoos.

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Thank you

Thank you for all the visits during the 36 years that the park has been open, ranging from daily visits to guided tours and predator schools! Orsa Predator Park is now closed to visitors.
Many thanks for all your visits and for your support during this very difficult year. You visitors are fantastic and we will miss you in the park!
We know that many people have questions and concerns about what happens to all our animals. You can read more about the relocation process here on our website.
Once again THANK YOU to all of you who have visited us during all our years, it has been a pleasure to have received you and that you have participated in our work to preserve and inform about some of the world's most endangered species.
Sincerely, from all staff in Orsa Predator Park
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Closure of Orsa Predator Park

Here you will find memos about the decision to close Orsa Predator Park. Read more here.

Information about the work with relocations of the animals at Orsa Predator Park