Ambition and purpose

We as an animalpark basicly got three purposes and work areas to work with, conservation, research and information/education. Together with Swedens biggest Predatorcenter we work to achieve these purposes. 

To be able to take part in others conservationprograms, researches and to evolve the park to be a centrum of knowledge about predators, the park have chosen to widen the selctions against predators who lives in the subarctic belt of the northern hemisphere. 

Orsa Predatorpark is a member of  SDF (Swedish Zoo Association), EAZA (European Association for Zoos & Aquaria). The members of these organisations work to cooperate and arrange their animal collections, with in the future should result in that animal parks can keep genetically healthy and subsistence population of every species in the parks independent of their threat status.

Read more about our member organizatins on their websites. Click on their log below:

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The park has a role to increase and promote awareness among the public of those species shown in the park, there for the knowledge about those species can lead to their resistence in the wild in the future and also give them a opportunity to support the different conservation project that we have in the park. A lot of premary and seconday schools use animal parks as a educational platform for education among animal and the need about biodiversity and conservation. 

Orsa Predatorpark also has a role to participate in conservation programs national and international by preparing options for breeding of endangered animals whose offspring may be a potential individual for release in to the wildlife and actively inform visitors about the value of preserving these species for future generations as well as collecting funds to assist conservation projects in the wild. Orsa Predatorpark is a part of conservation programs for: Polar bear, Amur tiger, Persian Leopard and Snow leopard.

Animal parks has also a role to promote researches on those species in the park so that new knowledge on one or another way leads to better facilities to handle the wild populations and also promote the species conservation. The opportunity to test new tecnic and get information about behavoirs which is hard to get and try on wild animals. Of that fact, Orsa Preadorpark has many successful years together with the Scandinavian bear project.