Conservation programs


One of the animalparks purposes is to ensure that the zoo population has a large genetic varation as possible that can be used as a resource if the wild population needs to be stengthened or rescued. Our species are part of a breeding program (European Stud Book), coordinated by national coordinators in the SDF or international coordinators associated with EAZA. The species that are coordinated in this way are brown bear, lynx and wolf.

EEP species

The second category is called EEP species (European Endangered Species Programs) classified as IUCN/SSC threatened, which causes EAZA to launch special conservations projects for these with recommendations for a collection to various conservations projects where the species is still natural. The purpose of these breeding programs is also to ensure that zoos have a self-sufficient and sustainable population and provide a conservation program in which sperm, eggs or individuals can anhance the genetic variation of the wild population. Our EEP species are wolverine, amurtiger, persian leopard, snow leopard and polar bear. 

Those organizations we support is:

ALTA for the tigerproject in the Amur area,  we collect money that we send to ALTA annually. As a visitor you can donate money in Tiger Mountain on the second floor for this project. 

Snow Leopard Trust, in our souvenir shop in the entrance we sell crafts from the SLT where the people of Mongolia are parly employed to do the crafts but also earn money on those who save the Snow Leopard. 

Polarbear International is for polar bear where we support researchers who are connected to PBI with collected funds that visitors give in our exhibition at Polar World in the park. 

Berguv Nord is for Eagle Owls in Sweden, at our Eagle Owl - enclosure we collect money that we send to the project. The Eagle Owl babies that are born in the park are released by Project Berguv Nord in places around Sweden where the wild population needs the addation of new Eagle Owls. It is the only animal that the park releases to the wild.