Orsa Rovdjurspark is with its 325,000 square meters, Europe's largest predator park. This is no ordinary zoo, but a unique opportunity to se the animals in their natural environment. Here bear, wolf, tiger, owl and wolverine live side by side. There are about fifteen bears in the park. On Tiger mountain, our Amur tigers (popularly called Siberian tigers) rule. Polar World lets you see the polar bears in a world-class facility. Leopard Center, with Persian leopard and snow leopard, powerful cats with impressive balance and agility! At Orsa Rovdjurspark you can visit the great exhibitions in Polar World and Tiger Mountain. In Rovdjurscentrum, which is the entrance building to the park, there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Remember to take a good time at the park, the thrill of the park is its natural big hedge, which sometimes makes you look a while before discovering all the animals. We recommend you to bring a binoculars or rent one in the entrance.

Quick Facts:

  • - The park opened in 1986.
  • - The park's total area is 325,000 square meters.
  • - The park has about 100,000 visitors each year.
  • - The walk through the park is approximately 3.5 kilometers. - Toppstugan is 561 meters above sea level.

  • Together during a year, the animals eat:

  • - 14 tonnes of meat.
  • - 12 tons of apples.
  • - 4 tons of bread.
  • - 6 tons of vegetables.
  • - 3 tons of concentrated feed.
  • - 1 ton of salmon.