Children's party

Celebrate your bithday on Orsa Predatorpark! 

Join us for an exciting celebration! We prepare with ballons, lemonade and cookies. 

You choose between two options:

Option 1: You eat together and then we're heading out in the park to look and talk about our fantastic predators. We also have a lot of funny, playing stations and playgrounds that we stop at. Every child gets a bag with candy and the birthday kid also get a present!

Option 2: You eat together and then we're heading out in the park on a treasure-hunt, it has tricky questions along the way that lead to the treasure. The birthdaykid also gets a present!

The party is about 2,5 hours.
Children from the age of 5, we have a minimum of 8 children. If someone is allergic of something, please take it with us when you book the activity. The group got to have at least 2 parents with them. 
We have this activity inside and also outside, so bring warm clothes.

Other options:
Pancake with cream and jam. 59kr/kid.
Hot dog: 15kr/kid.
Can of soda:  20kr/kid.
Tiger-cake: 595kr, vanila-sponge with filled with strawberrymousse, coverd in marzipan and decorated like a head of a tiger.

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