Good to know

Below are information that is good to take part of before your visit with us, we want you to be as prepared as possible and get a great experience in the park!

Consider the park's opening hours and that the last entrance is one hour before closing. We recommend having at least two hours for your visit.  Some animals start to be taken in about 30 minutes before closing. Please move towards the nearest exit before closing, it is also possible to go out via the entrance at the top.

Around the park there are paved roads totalling about 3 kilometers. In some places there are shortcuts there, it can be gravel, as at Tiger Mountain and at the leopards. The road up to the top is relatively steep, therefore we refer visitors to go left turn, to the Polar World direction first and you get the steep hill that is downhill instead. For safety reasons, we do not have wagons, boxes or wheelchairs for lending or rental in the park.

If you want a simple ride through the park, there is an opportunity to enter through our top entrance at Toppstugan. The course of treatment works as an out and away when it is open, opening hours are in the course. If you miss this, there is a swivel gate to the right of the entrance hall at predator center that you have to get out through.

Dogs or other pets are not allowed to enter the park for reasons of infection control. Think about the temperature in the car if you leave your pet there. In summer, you should find a shadow location, leave windows open and make sure to have plenty of water for your animal. In winter, it is good to leave your car warm, with extra blankets and protection from the cold. Leave the phone number visible in the car and please let us know the entrance.

It also happens that the park feeds with whole body to some of the animals, such as horse, cow, moose and other game. We do this partly because it should be as natural as possible for our animals, they also get all the minerals and vitamins that they need if they get the whole body of the animal. We try to "hide" the whole bodies, but sometimes the animals themselves pull them out or end up in "public" places, because at the same time we do not want to "hide" the animals from you visitors.

The new laws from June 1, 2019 include new regulations on smoking, which includes a smoking ban in the park.
Isbjörn i Orsa Rovdjurspark under vintern

Winter checklist

- Remember to wear clothes according to the weather, it can blow hard in the park.

- Please bring your own spikes as it can be slippery in the steep areas, a few are available for loan in the entrance.

- Our brown bears  sleep in winter and are not available for viewing during this period (October-March)

- Please check in the TV in the predator center and you can see how the bears have it during the winter.

- Remember not to drop sledges with children in the slopes of the park!

- Some of the animals are taken into stables about 30 minutes before closing the park.

Två amurtigrar balanserar på stenar ut i vattnet Orsa Rovdjurspark

Summer checklist

- During high season, many people visit us, so be sure to have time.

- Our animals are also affected by heat, which means that on hot days they are happy to lie in the shade and take it easy.

- Be sure to bring water or any other reading to drink, or shop in one of our cafeterias that are open during high season.

- Around the park there are wildlife that live, such as vipers, squirrels and sometimes even foxes visiting the park. Leave these alone and respect these animals too.