Grönklittsgruppen offer a range of attractive conference products in Orsa Grönklitt, Orsa Bowling, Tomteland, Tänndalen, Mora Park and Orsa Rovdjurspark. At all these facilities we offer varied and exciting conference arrangements. For example, in Rovdjurscentrum where we can accommodate up to 225 participants. Of course, there are all possible technical equipment available here. In Rovdjurscentrum there are also several smaller conference rooms. The most exciting meeting place is in our Tigerhouse. This room accommodate up to 25 people and is located at the top of Orsa Rovdjurspark, just below Toppstugan.

Guided tours

Want to know more about the animals in the park and accompany a keeper about what it is like to work with some of the world's most endangered species? Then book a guided tour at Orsa Rovdjurspark. Below you can read about the different types of guided tours we offer:

Guidance 1 - Our predators:

A guided tour of all our animals in the park. The tour takes about 2 hours and you get to see the entire park. An animal keeper guides you and tells about all the animals living in the park and some of their best experiences with the animals.

Guidance 2 - Tiger feeding:

We will be able to hear the tigers' hungry whistle when fed, get deeper tiger information and very close encounters with the world's largest feline! Please note that bookings can only be made in the afternoons when the tigers get their food. 

Contact our group & conference booking for more information:

Cecilia Difs, phone: +46(0)250-462 24.

Anna Karlgren, phone: +46(0)250-462 23.