Lynx Kittens

In the end of May our female Quatinka gave birth to two kittens in enclosure 7. They have lived together since then with their parents Loy and Quatinka. 

Loy is born in 2012 in Kolmården and came to the park in year 2016.
Quatinka is born in 2013 in Skansen and came to the park in year 2014. 

Our lynx kittens has very strong characters and are much alike their parents. Lynxes is very hard to spot in the wild and here in the park you also have to look closely, but our kittens are very public and often comes forward to see whats going on.

_BJO5297.jpg _BJO5325.jpg

Here in Sweden the population of lynxes is spred all over the country exept on Gotland, there are about 1000 individuals in the wild and increases most in the middle and southern parts of Sweden.

In the wild they mostly hunt deer but can also take animals like birds, rabbits and other smaller rodents. 
They can be up to 70cm high, weigh between 15-25kg and live until they are about 15 years old, in rare cases 17 years.