Persian Leopard

Tuesday on October the 3 our Persian Leopard named Soraya had given birth!

It was early in the morning when one of the animalkeepers saw in the camera what was hiding in the nesting box at our Persian Leopard Soraya, two smal kittens were born!  

Both parents arrived to the park at 2010.
Persiskleo.jpg Soraya.jpg

Barack (to the left) is the guy who takes the day as it comes, wich he did since he first arrived. Soraya (to the right) on the other hand is more sensitive to new impressions and clearly shows what suits her and not.

As a mother, Soraya is very protective and takes good care of here little baby. They´re a lot inside but has access to one outdoor enclouser named 12A , the kitten is now 9 weeks old and have already done it´s first visits outdoors! Snow was veryb interesting!

The Persian leopard is critcally endangered and there are probably not more than one thousand animals left in the Iranian mountains, in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. Our leopards are a part of a conservation project where the European zoos within the EAZA organization are trying to build a population of about 200 animals to serve as a reserve population. 

In Russia, a launch project was started in 2012, in Sochi - Caucasus where a breeding and planting center was built. On this center should zoo-born individuals be trained to live like in the wild. So far, three young leopards have been plant out in the wild from the center. 

The young one is very active and spends a lot of its time outdoors. All the Animal keepers are very proud and happy that the leopards finaly has got a young one.

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