The new Polar bear Hope


On 19:th of January the new Polar bear female Hope arrived from Marineland in Antibes to Orsa Predatorpark.

AZ1A1392_bis.jpg                    AZ1A1262_bis.jpg
Hope is born on the 26:th of November in 2014 in Marineland in France. Two cubs were born but only ine surrvived, they were born in an stable wich had both sound and camera monotoring. Since birth Hope has lived with her mother untill she was three years old and then she moved to Orsa Predatorpark. 

AZ1A1368_bis.jpg                                 DSCF7484.JPG This is the mother "Flocke" that will be put together with the father "Raspoutin" again after Hope moved. 

Hope is now by herself in enclosure 2A to acclimatize, there are a lot of thing that has to be done before putting together new individuals. They have to get used to the new environment and all smellls, the keepers need to build a trust with them and then you can start introducing the individuals to each other step by step. She will in the future start with a separated enclosure then be introduced to both Wilbär and Ewa in Polar World.

Right now Hope is in enclosure 15 with Ewa and Wilbär. The introduction went well and they´re making progress every day but still need more time to be as close as we want to. Hope is a very playfull individual with a very strong mind/character and has made some big progresses since she arrived!

We are very happy that Hope is here with us in Orsa Predatorpark and as we can read on her, she is very happy about the amount of snow we have here in Orsa.

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