The new snowleopard Bhavani


On the 16:th of January Bhavani the new snowleopardfemale arrived to Orsa Predator park!

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Bhavani was born on the 7:th og June in 2016 at Green Zoo Wuppertal in Germany.  Totally three snowleopards was born and Bhavani was the first one to leave and move to an other park!  Before the transport Bhavani has been trained do go inside and be in the transportbox, so when it was time to move she walked inside without hesitation! The travel to Orsa went very well and also faster then expected, wich is very positive for the animal and us. 

Shaan.jpgThis is the male "Shan" who is going to live with Bhavani now.

Bhavani is currently in the Leopard Center in a enclosure 11A where she somedays are with our male Shan and somedays they´re separated from each other. We have to enclosure so then we have the possibility to separate them, so Shan are somedays in enclosure 11A and other days in enclosure 11B. They care a lot of eachother so this was a perfect match!

The move took place as part of the European conservation program for snow leopards, where Green Zoo Wuppertal participates. In this program, Zoological zoos work together in the European Zoo Association and work to breed and preserve this threatened species. Green Zoo Wuppertal, in collaboration with the Zoo Association Wuppertal also supports Snow Leopard Trust, which is involved in investigating and protecting the rare and threatened snow leopards in the wild.        

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