Tiger kittens

Early in the morning on January 17:th the animal keepers could see that two tiger kittens was born!

The keepers has been very excited for the tiger female Zaria to give birth and a few days after the birthdate we could see and hear kittens in the nesting box up in Tiger Mountain. Zaria has had the oppurtunity to give birth in privacy in the stable or for the public, she chose to give birth inside the stable. 

Zaria and Yegor have had several mating attempts, and when the keepers noticed that Zaria had stoped, the planning began for the tiger birth. It is estimated about 100 days after the final heat/mating and we were not far from our calculations. The birth went well and the male "Yegor" was in the same stable when it took place, we did not notice any major changes with him except some kind of curiosity and consideration. 



 Zaria is born in 2010 i PortLympne Animal Park in Great Britian. She arrived 2016 to the park and have on short time make a big progress. Zaria is that type of tiger that don´t rush, she often rest when she´s outisde, maybe under some tree. 



 Yegor is born in 2008 in D.park Amersfoort in Holland. He arrived in 2010 and has been living with other tigers before he met Zaria in 2016. Yegor is that type of tiger that want something to happen, he appreciate enrichments and is very curious. 

Amur/Siberian tigers are threatened in the world according to the IUCN and there are under 500 individuals left in the wild. There are over 600 Amur/Siberian tigers who live in captivity according to the International Tiger Studbook and act as a reserve population for the species because they are still listed as a threatened species and their future is not secured. We support the conservation project that ALTA has in which we raise money and donate to the organization, anyone can contribute and donate it in Tiger Mountain. The tigers in the wild live in eastern Russia, but there is a small number that extends to China and possibly North Korea.

On January 25, we managed to lock away Zaria to go in and check the kittens, we could not notice any altered behavior at Zaria, she was calm throughout the process. The kittens health was checked, they got chip-labeled and gendered, it turned out to be one of every sex and both kittens were in very good condition. Zaria and the kittens are now outside in the big enclosure, you can see them from the house, the ramp or the theatre!

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