Take a guided tour the theme of spring feelings

A time for heat and mating in Orsa Predator Park

The wolves howl, the eagle owl and the brown bear soon leave with their little cubs from hybernation. After a long winter, spring has finally come to Orsa Predator Park.

- Every season is exciting in its way in the park, but in the spring it happens a lot. For those who are looking forward to learn more about the predators and their lives, we arrange a guided tour with the theme of spring feelings, "says Sven Brunberg, animal park manager of Orsa Predator Park. 

Orsa Predator Park is located in Orsa Grönklitt and is Europe's largest predator park. The park is focused on large carnivores from the northern hemisphere, and here the animals live in natural forest environments. Orsa Predator Park works with research and conservation of species, inform and educate.

At the moment, it's sprouting with spring feelings in the park. The animals begin to wake up after the long winter and the brown bears wakes up from hybernation. Males and females begin to interfere and the females heading in to heat. In the mornings and the evenings you can hear the wolves howl, the lynxes call with their barking sound and the eagle owl , it's time for mating.

The animals give birth to young ones at different times of the year. The 14 beautiful brown bears of the park begin to wake up to life and last, the brown bear female Mette is with her three little kids. They were born on Christmas Eve, expected to be public favorites. Recently, there have been a record number of animal birth in the park, and there are also cubs from wolf, lynx, Persian leopard and amur tiger.

Guided tour with the theme of spring feelings. To join a guided tour, pre-booking is required. Booked the day before 15:00, tel: 0250-462 08. Gather in Rovdjurscentrum 13:00 every day. Price 100 SEK / adult, 50 SEK / child (max 14 years), entrance fee is added. Max 25 participants per trip.

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