Snow leopard (Panthera uncia uncia)

Snow leopard belongs to the family of cats. They live on mountains and in low-lying coniferous forests in the Altaibergen, Hindukush and Himalayan mountains. They are at altitudes from 1500 meters, but can be up to 6000 meters in the summer.

Snow leopard has a sharper tone in the fur than the other leopard species. The snow leopard's fur varies in thickness between seasons. The underside of the paws is covered with hair, to insulate against cold as well as to distribute the weight of the lice.

They can be up to 130 cm long plus the tail that can be up to 90 cm and weigh up to 55 kg. They are carnivores, and they like to chase arctic foxes, stalks, deer, gazelles and various small animals.