Closure of Orsa Predator Park

Here you will find information about the decision to close Orsa Predator Park. Read more here.

Information about the work with relocations of the animals at Orsa Predator Park

There are several of us from Predator Park who work actively with relocations of the animals, including our animal manager, zoologist and zoo manager and our zoo veterinarian and animal caregiver are involved in the different parts. This is done together with our large networks in the zoo industry both within Sweden and the European Zoo Association, EAZA. Relocations are a large and complicated process that takes time. The work is now underway during the time when Predator Park is still open and will continue after we closed to visitors on November 6.

There are lot of steps in a relocation. All our animals are part of various conservation programs, controlled by EAZA where a species coordinator or herd bookkeeper for each species, can give us a recommendation where the animal is placed, or that we submit a proposal to the species coordinator. The proposal must be approved by both us, the receiving park and the species coordinator before the next process starts regarding permits, documentation and transport papers, which is done together with our authorities.

The animals must then be prepared through possible veterinary needs and wishes such as deworming and vaccinations. As all documentation and paperwork is in place, transport can be booked based on what both we and the receiving park have for wishes regarding time and based on the animals' aspects of course.

Many of Predator Park's animals have received new placements at zoos both within Sweden and in the rest of Europe, information about where the animals will be moved will not be shared publicly. In some of the relocations, our animals will be included in new ventures at the receiving park, which means that that park wants to keep the information confidential until they launch their news. Something we respect and therefore can't tell you where our animals are going to move. If the receiving parks want to tell you about where they get the animals from, it's up to them.

As mentioned, work on the relocations will continue after Predator Park closes. The animals will receive the same good care from our talented staff who always do their best to ensure that the animals have a high level of animal welfare.

Questions about the closure are received by the management of Grönklittsgruppen, which owns Predator Park. On our social media, we avoid that kind of dialogue, as our social media is managed by the staff in Predator Park.

Thank you to those of you who show understanding and give us encouragement in our everyday life in Predator Park!

Sincerely/Pernilla Thalin, Zoo Manager Orsa Predator Park