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Objective and Purpose

As a animal park, we mainly have three purposes and areas to work with, conservation work, research and information/education. Together with Sweden's largest Predator Centre, we work to fulfil these purposes.

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Orsa Predator Park is a member of the Swedish Zoo Association (SDF) and EAZA (European Association for Zoos & Aquaria). The members of these organizations are working to collaborate and plan their animal collections, which in the long run will result in zoos being able to keep genetically sound and self-sufficient populations of all species in the zoos independent threat status.

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Orsa Predator Park is tasked with raising and promoting public awareness of the species shown in the park so that the acceptance and knowledge of these species leads to their remaining in the wild in the future.



A task is to promote research on the species presented so that new knowledge generates, this will in one way or another lead to better opportunities to manage wild populations and also promote the conservation of the species.

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