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In Orsa Predator Park there are several exciting places with both exhibitions and interactive play and learning stations.

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Predator Centre

Rovdjurcentrum and Designtorg Trä is a fantastic facility, which at the same time forms the entrance to Orsa Predator Park. Here there are exhibitions, lectures and film screenings on the theme of predators as well as wood as material in art and building materials.

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Polar World

Set into a rare and exciting world. In Polar World, which is its own section of the predator park, polar bears live together in one of the world's largest polar bear farms.

Is bear is now classified as vulnerable due to the climate threat, according to the IUCN. Take the opportunity to read and learn about the living conditions of animals and people in the Arctic, in Polar World's information and exhibition department. Here you have the chance to make a contribution to the research and conservation work around polar bears.

Orsa Rovdjurspark tiger

Tiger Mountain

Tiger mountain is the big house up on the mountain. Here you can see the tigers from the different floors through glass windows, see the tigers' indoor environment or go out to the amphitheater. There is also a viewing ramp that extends out over the tiger enclosure and offers views beyond the ordinary.

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Leopard Center

Here you can see the leopards from different levels and through glass panes. From the ramp you get a good overview of the enclosure while at the same time you get lovely views of the dala forests. In connection with the enclosure there is educational and exciting information to read.

You can also test whether you can jump as far as a snow leopard or balance as well as the leopards in our play and learning stations. When you are up in leopard center you are close to Leopardkojan which serves lighter refreshments during your own opening hours.


Nalleboden is currently closed due to the new rules regarding maximum numbers in indoor environments!

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