Events in the park

Here we are going to update you about events in the Predator park, some information about the activities for the different seasons and ofcourse are animals! 



Tiger kittens

 The 17:th of January the tiger female Zaria gave birth to two kittens!

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The new Polar bear Hope

 The 19:th of January Hope the new Polar Bear female arrived to Orsa Predator Park! 

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The new snowleopard Bhavani

 On the 16:th of January the new snowleopardfemale Bhavani arrived to Orsa Predaorpark!

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Persian Leopard

Tuesday on October the 3 our Persian Leopard named Soraya had given birth! 

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Lynx Kittens

In May 2017 there were two lynx kittens born Orsa Predatorpark. They grow very fast and lives with their parents in enclosure 7! 

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Find the animal that doesn´t belong!

Here in the park we only have predators and we have a different animal that´s visiting us. Take a map from the entrance and go out in the park, keep your eyes open and search for the animal that doesn´t belong here. When you find it, make a mark on the map where you found it and whright the name of the animal. Finally leave the map in the entrance and they will check if you got it right, if you did you will get a reward!

This activity is aviable from week 7 to week 14. (Not from 29/3 until 2/1)


Egghunt in the Predator Park!

From the 29 of March untill the 2 of April we have a egghunt in the park! Bring a map from the entrance and head out in the park, make a mark on the map along the way where you found the eggs! Finally bring the map to the entrance and you wil get a reward if you found the right places! 
Happy Easter!