Events in the park

Here we are going to update you about events in the Predator park, some information about the activities for the different seasons and ofcourse are animals! 




Sometime during the night/morning of the 4th of January our breeding female gave birth to cubs. We have both seen and heard 2 but cannot be really sure. The cubs weigh around 300g when they are born and will be 10 times larger in the spring when it is time to wake up and go out!

You can see her live on a screen down in the carnivore center, you can even hear them!



Take a map in the entrance and get out into the park to find the hidden eggs! Mark on the map where you find them and then you submit it in the entrance for you reward.

All children who participate or find eggs receive a reward at the entrance.

Date: 18/4-25/4



The springbreak are soon starting and the park offers some guidetours during week 7-9.

Reservation latest the day before in Guestcenter,
Adult: 100kr and Kid: 50kr (excluding entrance)
Maximum: 25st
Time: 13:00 


Brown Bears Hibernate

All the Brown bears are in hibernation, we will see them again in spring. 
Our breeding female have cubs and you can see them in the entrance on a screen where we are sending live from her den!