Sights in the park

At Orsa Rovdjurspark there are several exciting places with exhibitions and interactive play and learning stations.


Polar World

Enter a rare and exciting world. In Polar World, a separate department in the predator park, our two wonderful polar bears Ewa and Wilbär live together in the world's largest polar bear plant.

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Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain is the big house up in the mountain, here you can see the tigers from different floors through glass panes, watch the tigers' indoor environment or go to the amphitheater.

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Predator Centre

The Predator Centre and Wood Design Forum building is the first in Dalarna to be constructed using the environmentally sound material of the future: solid wood. Exciting architecture both inside and outside.

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Leopard Center

Here you can see the leopards from different levels, through glass panes. From the ramp you get a good view of the park while enjoying the nice view. Adjacent to the ramp there is some educational information about our two leopard species.

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